Live Bee Removal

Do you have a bee swarm in your yard? Have bees moved into one of your walls? We can help, and we will not kill the bees.

Beehive Beehive Beehive

We will re-locate the bees to a safe environment so they can continue to do their important pollination and honey making activities.

We will remove the bees, honey, and the hive to prevent the following prblems:

  • so bees do not move back in, or
  • the hive does not start to rot
  • and honey does not run down the insides of your walls
  • and bugs and rats and other vermin are not attracted
  • which can lead to an expensive problem

Pest Control companies provide an inferior service. They use pesticides and other chemicals, they KILL the bees, and they may or may not remove the hive.